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As padel is a unique sport it brings with it it’s own unique set of skills, facilities and, of course, equipment.

We have teamed up with a few of the world’s leading brands to offer the South African public the best equipment the world has to offer.

If you would like to see or find out more about any of our products, or purchase some for yourself, please email us or visit our online store, The Padel Shop, by clicking shop from the menu above.



The padel racket is a unique looking piece of equipment, completely different from anything you would have seen in the sports world. It could probably be compared to a high-tech beach bat and possibly even replace them.

It is made with a mixture of plastic composites, an inner foam core, and a carbon fibre frame. The face of the racket is pierced with holes to aid it in its movement through the air.

It is considerably smaller than a tennis and squash racket which means it is simpler to control, while the sweet spot is easier to find.

The Padel Ball

Although identical looking to a tennis ball, a padel ball does have a few key differences.

As padel is a game played in a smaller confined space the ball moves around a lot and therefore shouldn’t have too much bounce as it would then be too hard to control. Therefore the padel ball is slightly less pressurized to that of a tennis ball and is also a fraction smaller.

What this all means is that a padel ball will bounce between 135CM – 140CM when dropped from a height of 2,54M onto a hard surface, making it easy to control and play.