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Neymar Playing Padel

Some of the world's biggest football superstars play padel. Some have only recently jumped on the padel bandwagon while others have been long-time enthusiasts of the game. Of the newer players, you have the likes of Neymar, Mohamed Salah, John Terry, and Zlatan Ibrahimović (who has even started a padel franchise in Sweden) and of the older padel players, you have the likes of Carles Puyol and Iker Casillas. There have even been padel courts built at some of the world's biggest football clubs with Manchester City and Barcelona among them. It should come at no surprise really, and once you try it for yourself you will know why. Padel, the game for everyone!


Former Spingbok rugby players try padel

Former Springboks Try Padel

Former Springboks Try Padel 9 September 2020 Padel SA was down at Val de Vie Estate this past Saturday lending a hand in the running of their padel tournament, the highlight for the
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South Africa's First Padel Shop

South Africa’s First Padel Shop Opens

Some of the biggest names in football, young and old, are now playing padel.
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A padel court on a super yacht

Padel At Sea

Padel At Sea 20 January 2020 Padel has made the jump from land to sea, not on a floating barge or with waterproof equipment but on a superyacht! The world-renowned
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