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Padel At Sea

A padel court on a super yacht

Padel has made the jump from land to sea, not on a floating barge or with waterproof equipment but on a superyacht! The world-renowned luxury yacht builders Abeking & Rasmussen launched the 98.4m (322′), Aviva, in 2017, and as far we know it is the only padel court on any vessel in the world. She is also one of the biggest, sitting at number 36 in the list of World's Largest Yachts. The gym and padel court are not only for the owner and his guests but are also open to the crew, to keep fit and active while at sea. On a boat of this size, you could probably have a real padel tournament with the amount of crew she has. The only thing we are not quite sure about is playing a match while crossing the stormy seas, we have a feeling the game will be a very topsy-turvy affair.


Neymar Playing Padel

Football Superstars Play Padel

Some of the biggest names in football, young and old, are now playing padel.
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Padel at the Olympics

Padel At The Olympics

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Padel SA with the first padel court launched in South Africa

First Padel Court Launched In South Africa

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